WorldWide Quality

Your new kitchen furniture has been awarded the RAL quality mark by the German Quality Assurance Association, & the GS mark (test for safety) by an independent test institute.

Kitchen Materials
Our kitchen furniture is measuring up to one of the highest furniture quality standards in the world. It is manufactured in Germany according to our company’s high values of environment protection and sustainability. Apart from excellent basic material, our kitchens are furnished by high quality equipment, completed by the newest technology. Among other things, this includes shelf supports with tip protection, stable height and depth adjustable hinges, softMove and softStopp, stainless steel drawers, screwed backs, no sharp edges and many more. We offer the biggest selection of wooden surfaces for cabinets available in the industry, as well as one of the thinnest countertops. Find more details here. Read More
Proper Use
Get the best use out of your new kitchen with this simple instructions for everyday use. When used properly, your kitchen is able to withstand the effects of mechanical loads, water vapor, liquids and heat for a long period of time. Read More
Care & Cleaning
Regular household cleaning products will properly care for and clean cabinets, worktops and cupboard surfaces. Our kitchens are unique but you won’t need to go out of your way to order special cleaning products to take proper care of your new kitchen! Your kitchen cabinets and countertops can look like new for decades if you follow simple instructions. Read More
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