Care and Cleaning

Recommended care and cleaning guidelines:

It is possible to use normal household cleaning products to properly care for and clean the materials of the fronts, worktops and cupboard surfaces. To ensure your new furniture retains its attractive appearance, please observe the following information on care and cleaning.

  • Remove soiling as soon as possible. Fresh stains are significantly easier to remove than when they have dried in.
  • Clean using a cotton cloth slightly moistened (damp) with warm water. A chamois leather is also suitable.
  • Always use absolutely clean cloths or cleaning rags.
  • To remove stubborn stains, apply some neutral soap or washing-up liquid to the cloth.
  • After cleaning, carefully use a clean cotton cloth to thoroughly dry all parts.
  • Never use harsh, abrasive cleaning agents or sponges and so forth. We strongly advise against using microfiber cloths because, depending on the application, you can cause changes to the degree of shine of the surfaces.
  • Never use steam cleaners for cleaning. The use of steam cleaners can result in massive damage to parts of the furniture.
  • Furniture polish, furniture wax or similar substances are not suitable for use as cleaning products. They contain solvents, waxes and grease that form a film that has a permanently adverse effect on haptic and appearance of the original surface.
  • To ensure the pull-outs and drawers slide flawlessly, it is necessary to keep the guide rails free of crumbs and other foreign objects. Immediately remove any such particles of dirt using a vacuum cleaner or a suitable brush.
  • Please also observe the information provided by the appliance manufacturer and accessories supplier regarding the proper use and care of the material when cleaning ovens, hobs, microwave ovens, fridges and freezers and so forth; please keep this product information together with the other instructions for use and care in a safe place for future reference.
  • Over and above this information, special care instructions have been drawn up for some surface variants. As a rule, they are supplied ex-works together with the parts of furniture. Consequently, no claim is made that the product information is complete. Please contact your specialist kitchen supplier if you require further information.
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