For the Environment: Preferring to Improve

The term “sustainability” emphasizes balance between human needs and the needs of our natural environment. Conforming to the highest international eco standards will always remain an unquestioned environmental commitment for Eco German Kitchens. Caring for and using forest areas in ways that take ecological, economical, and social aspects into serious consideration makes our company proud. Eco German Kitchens environmental efforts go far beyond the standard for the industry. Our ultimate goal is to make consistent and exemplary use of the latest ecological findings in every area of the company. Supporting our green planet. Supporting our future. Achieving it together.

Let’s choose from over 200 kitchen plans. And all are “green“.

By offering sustainable products, we’re keeping up with the trend. Today, more than ever before, we consider sustainability. Sustainable activities, sustainable products. But of course, variety is also a key factor when it comes to the quality materials you want in your kitchen framework. When we went into business, we chose to give you the variety you long for, using eco-friendly materials that keep up with the times. It’s all “green” – no matter what materials you choose, what colors you pick, or finishes you decide on.

The materials of all our furniture comply with or fall below the emission category E1. Plus the Tox Proof-sign confirms that we meet the strict criteria of the ban on chemicals regulation. Our products are manufactured under the highest international quality standards.

The wood materials correspond to the formaldehyde-reduced CARB2/TSCA P2-standard and are environmentally friendly, sustainable and ensure a healthy indoor climate.