Welcome to our Showroom in Bellevue, your premier destination for exquisite kitchen cabinets in Bellevue. Your kitchen is the focal point of your home, and nothing is more important to us, and to you, than ensuring every aspect of your interior is simply sublime. At Eco German Kitchens, we strive to exceed your expectations, creating truly exceptional bespoke kitchens that boast both stunning looks and seamless functionality. Our professional designers go to great lengths to tailor their concepts to your individual requirements. We have dedicated many years to sourcing the finest products and materials to ensure the immaculate finish and outstanding quality of every kitchen we create.

Our Services Include:

Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of your project:

Free Kitchen Design for our clients: Unleash your imagination with our complimentary design services, tailored to your vision.

Kitchen Installation: We bring your dream kitchen to life with expert installation and precision.

Interior Design: Elevate your space with our interior design expertise, ensuring a harmonious, stylish, and functional kitchen.

Full Project Management: From renovation to construction, we handle it all, making your project seamless and stress-free. Our in-house team of seasoned professionals combines rich experience with the latest industry trends. We’re also proud to introduce Smart Green Design and Construction (SGDC), our in-house contracting company. SGDC is equipped to navigate King County’s permitting processes and building regulations, ensuring a flawless journey from concept to completion. We stand by our commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and unwavering transparency throughout your project. Your dream kitchen is just a click away.

Quality, Made in Germany

Elevate your kitchen with our high-end cabinetries, meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. We proudly offer high-quality kitchens made in Germany, a testament to precision and excellence. Whether you desire the clean lines of Modern design, the sleek aesthetics of Contemporary style, or the timeless charm of Classic aesthetics, we have the ideal kitchen cabinets to bring your vision to life

Ballerina K├╝chens: German Excellence

Eco German Kitchens is the exclusive retailer for Ballerina Kitchens on the Pacific Coast. Ballerina Kitchens, a leading German cabinetry manufacturer, blends creative designs, German engineering, and innovative technology to redefine kitchen spaces. All our cabinetry is certified for safety with the LGA QualiTest GmbH GS mark. We’re also proud to be PEFC certified, ensuring that our wood products come from sustainably managed forests. Our wood materials meet the formaldehyde-reduced CARB2/TSCA P-2 standard, promoting an eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy indoor environment. Our partnership with Ballerina Kitchens represents a commitment to excellence, quality, and sustainability in every kitchen we create.

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