What begins in the kitchen is convincingly continued in the living area with light lacquer fronts. Thanks to the FREEWALL, a metal support system for shelves, and the FREESTYLE plinth module, the design line is consistently continued. The showcase cabinet also presents itself as a clever mediator between the living areas. The frame of the showcase glass door serves as a handle to open the glass design front New Salon. The many clever details are a joy to behold – such as the FREEBRIDGE on the cooking island, which always comes into play exactly where it is needed. And the interior? Is just as well thought out as the overall concept of this contemporary space planning. The toaster and coffee maker can be stored in the tall cabinet on the pull-out shelf and disappear after use to save space. The Turnmotion II with its rotating tray shelves allows for extended access. The valuable crystal chutes allow loose food to be stored for quick access and are a beautiful design element of the NEW ROMANTIC.

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